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About us – Correct Motion

About us

Co-Founders - The Innovators

Steve Laframboise                                           John Moshopoulos

Correct Motion inc, was founded to solve problems that athletes commonly face. From insoles to laces we are proud to innovate and develop products adapted to specifically chosen sports to improve comfort, stability and performance.

We pride ourselves on continuously testing our products and working with top level athletes to perfect our brand. We are proud to already have thousands of units distributed all around the world from beginner to top level athletes.

The first of our products, The Edge insoles, are made the help athletes using the linear gait cycle (hockey, skating, minimalist running, cycling, etc.). The industry is primarily educated on the walking gait cycle although, utilizing these notions is not applicable on sports (some bio-mechanical aspects can help). The industry using and promoting the walking gait cycle and applications ultimately hinders progress and efficiency for athletes who need to master the linear gait cycle. When working with the linear gait cycle and away from all walking applications (arch supports and flat insoles) you allow athletes the ability to compensate less in these chosen sports. 

Furthermore, our patented insoles have been scientifically tested proving they do what we are claiming. These tests were conducted by Inédi and l'UQAM.

Then came the COBRA lace, adapted to hold and perform better than regular laces. Our laces have been tested by an engineer in a CEGEP in Quebec which determined that they are 325% less likely to slide resulting in them lasting an entire training session. Regular laces often compress on the foot resulting in foot cramps meanwhile the additional hold that the COBRA laces allow for foot cramps to be reduced and even eliminated.